By Astrid Saalbach
Translated by Michael Evans
Directed by Chad Eric Bergman*
September 15 – October 9, 2011 at the Raven Theatre Complex

Cast: Wm Bullion, Mary Jo Bolduc, Matthew Isler, Breahan Eve Pautsch, Kirstin Franklin, Odie Escondo and Ramona Kywe
Production Team: Catherine Connelly, Maggie Fullilove-Nugent, Chad Eric Bergman*, Kristina Carr, Nigel Harsch, Nick Sieben, Mike Smallwood, Ashley Ozmet

*Denotes Akvavit Theatre company members at the time of production

Set in and around Kathmandu, Nepal during the recent civil war, five Danish diplomats are devoted to making a difference through various development projects. But for whose benefit? And at what cost?


“Saalbach’s non-linear storytelling sharply communicates the paralysis and confusion of cultural deprivation.” —Lisa Buscani, NewCity

“provocative U.S. premiere…”  — Oliver Sava, Time Out Chicago  

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