MISHAP! (Iceland)
By Bjarni Jónsson
Directed by Chad Eric Bergman*
Translated by Hilmar Ramos
February 20 – March 23, 2014 at The Side Project, Chicago

Cast: Bergen Anderson*, Matthew Isler*, Breahan Eve Pautsch*, Sarah Nelson*, Joshua Harris*, Joe Giovannetti, Mark Litwicki* and Kirstin Franklin*
Production Team: Chad Eric Bergman*, Wm. Bullion*, Maggie Fullilove-Nugent, Christina Marcantonio, Catherine Connelly

*Denotes Akvavit Theatre company members at the time of production

Through the blurred lines of morning TV programming, reality TV, and live theater, a couple's private life comes under a microscope. Humor and tragedy collide as we discover what really happened to the relationship. What was the mishap that made their lives worthy of prime time? Where do our private lives end and our public lives begin? Is there still a line? MISHAP! was a Candidate for the Nordic Drama Award 2008 and premiered at the Icelandic National Theatre in September 2007.


MISHAP! is "jolting... bright and unsettling... Rich with a dramatic tension that's firmly gripped by the cast!" —Gwen Purdom, Time Out Chicago (✭✭✭✭)

RECOMMENDED: "...engaging... spirited...! The play’s origin may be Icelandic but the specific plot points—dangerous drivers, school strikes, evasive political leaders—are as local as our nightly news..." —Raymond Rehayem, Newcity Stage

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