By Sofia Fredén (Sweden)
World Premiere Translation by Chad Eric Bergman*
Directed by Breahan Eve Pautsch*
September 14 – October 16, 2016 at The Den Theatre

Cast: Scottie Caldwell, Kamille Dawkins, Derik Iverson*, Todd Michael Kiech, Jae K. Renfrow, Johnard Washington (Understudies: Megan DeLay, Christina Renee Jones, Wes Jones, Tom McGrath, Andy Polacek)
Production Team:  Chad Eric Bergman*, Emma Deane, Nigel Harsch, R&D Choreography, Matthew Isler*, Carri M. Stevens, Bernadette Hagen, Kirstin Franklin*, Mark Litwicki*, Cedar Larsen, Contessa Ehlers, Amy Carlson, Dan Wilson

*Denotes Akvavit Theatre company members at the time of production

In this dark comedy from Sweden, six accidental roommates struggle to find money, love and – hardest of all – their own apartment. Each works hard to manipulate the system in their own ways, but all of them are willing to go to extreme lengths to find a home. They look for shelter in the wilderness, the bedroom, and – in their most desperate moments – the government. As the characters’ lives spiral disastrously out of control, they discover just how painfully high the cost of living can be.


“One of the strangest, most perplexing plays theatergoers are likely to experience this Fall.” -  Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Hand in Hand “delivers pitiless dead-eye observations about how soon the veneer of civility can crack once the roof over our heads is threatened.” - Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune, ★★★

“Semihypnotically droll. Director Breahan Eve Pautsch cagily exploits the humor and dread inherent in the play's elusive tone, aided by her cast's sophisticated performances” Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader (Recommended)

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