BAD GIRLS: The Stylists
By Astrid Saalbach
Translated by Michael Evans
Directed by Breahan Pautsch*

Thursday March 22nd-Saturday April 14th
Strawdog Theatre 1802 W. Berenice Ave


In this Danish black comedy, five women play 28 characters as they work through the absurdities and trials of trying to be a "good girl" in modern society: a professional success, a perfect mother, the right kind of feminist. BAD GIRLS: The Stylists follows four hairstylists in a salon, trying to grow their business in a competitive field. In a series of hilarious and tragic scenes, The Stylists lend their ears and their scissors to a parade of customers. They make up their hair, their faces, and give shape to the stories about who they are. But with the arrival of a mysterious stranger, life in the salon starts to get complicated - and dangerous. As the women's stories begin to unravel, the play examines what we owe to ourselves and each other, the difficulty of forming true connections, and all the ways in which we fail.



Cast: Jennifer Adams ('A'), Kim Boler (Boogie), Jennifer Cheung (Jorun), Kirstin Franklin* (Mette) and Madelyn Loehr* (Trine).

Creatives: Chad Eric Bergman* (scenic design), Lily Walls (costume design), David Goodman-Edberg (lighting design), Nigel Harsch (sound design), Hillarie Shockley (props design), Rick Gilbert and Victor Bayona(violence/intimacy design) Keith Ryan (hair/wig design), Lindsay Tornquist (asst. director), Harrison Ornelis (technical director) and Hannah Harper-Smith (stage manager).

*dentoes Akvavit Theatre company member