Now Playing through July 9th!



by Rhea Leman

Co-Directed by Kirstin Franklin and Amber Robinson

Amy Gorelow as Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Jay Torrence as Leni Reifenstahl

June 22-July 9

The intimate setting allows the audience to examine every detail, light twitch and sweat droplet on stage, yet the entire production crew and cast make it all look effortless. The combination of playwright Rhea Leman’s powerful monologues and dialogues, the intense co-direction of Kirstin Franklin and Amber Robinson and overwhelming set design by Chad Eric Bergman come together with knockout performances by Gorelow and Torrence.
— New City Stage
Portrayed exquisitely by top physical performers...Directors Kirstin Franklin and Amber Robinson stage a wonderfully hard pill to swallow...Akvavit Theatre is making a strong commitment to bringing serious heavyweight issues sewn riding onto their absurdist tail coats. And as their namesake liquor suggests, a “strong spirit” is indeed necessary to tackle such sensitive themes with compassion, humor and enthusiasm. Jobb godt utført! ...Critic’s Pick
These two talented actors...Jay Torrence and Amy Gorelow tear up the stage...Co-directed w/humor and unabashed spunk and spirit by Kirstin Franklin and Amber’s a continually bombastic and unrelenting tirade that always hits home...Highly Recommended”
— Chicago Theatre Review

Photos by Karl Clifton-Soderstrom



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